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Message from First Vice-Chancellor's Desk


A warm and affectionate welcome to all the students who aspire to be a part of the intellectual fraternity at Shri Shankaracharya Professional University, Bhilai, this is the start of academic journey and quality learning for brighter future.

The University has mission for different academic bodies is working for academic expansion and diversification widening the academic canvass on horizontal and vertical dimensions. By now career in knowledge on the campus has been meeting the intellectual requirements of the society in the areas of languages, business education, legal education, media education, IT education, Science education and other social sciences. Now the time is opportune and the stage is set to launch teacher education and teacher development programmes.

The University puts in sustained efforts to create brand equity and offer leadership by way of differentiation in all its intellectual pursuits. Accordingly focus is on development of contemporary relevant curriculum; meeting and beating various benchmarks of quality assurance; development of a healthy academic governance structure; cutting edge curriculum management blended with updated research & support.

The University marches ahead to attain its mission through a goal of blending contemporary knowledge with skills and values in true spirit to groom high calibre thinkers; morally upright and physically sound citizenry inspired with proactive approach to take up challenges confronting the present society and prove productive individuals in ever changing knowledge society. The core objective is to work for the uplift of the humanity at large.

As regards campus development the University struggles hard on different fronts. The land stands transferred to the University. The development of the permanent campus is under way. The master plan has been processed through all the bodies of the academic governance. With due support of all stakeholders we are confident that in the near future the University will be operational from its permanent campus.

I have full trust in your capabilities. I wish you all success in your future endeavours. During your stay in the University your talent will be honed and you will be exposed to cutting edge and competitive environment by your zealous participation in the corporate life of this great alma mater. You will take a lead and outperform the rest.

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Prof. ( Dr. ) Laxmi Shankar Nigam
First Vice Chancellor,
Shri Shankaracharya Professional University